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Gaza in anarchy after the most intense night of bombing in Hamas and Israel Conflict

What happened on October 7th? Israel’s devastating bombing of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip was triggered by Hamas’ horrific attack on Israel on October 7th. This Saturday, three weeks ago, more than a thousand Hamas fighters crossed the Israeli barrier separating Israel from the Gaza Strip, rioting and killing 1,400 people. Hamas, a terrorist group banned in Britain, the United States and other countries, fired a barrage of thousands of rockets into Israel for the first time.

This coincided with the invasions of the country: many Hamas fighters flew in hang gliders or motorized paragliders. They then murdered hundreds of people in Israel and rampaged through various communities in southern Israel, including a music festival where they killed about 260 people. , militants also kidnapped more than 200 people who were taken to Gaza. There are currently 229 hostages being held in the Gaza Strip and only four have been released so far.

We do not yet have data on casualties from the night bombings in Gaza. It is not yet clear how many Palestinians died as a result of Israel’s intense night bombing of the Gaza Strip. We will inform you immediately upon receipt. Communication in Gaza is almost impossible following Friday’s network outage, making it difficult to obtain specific and accurate information from the Gaza Strip. , IDF soldiers are still in Gaza – the latest information from the Israeli army spokesman. , Previously, we heard from Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari, who provided updated information to the media.


Let us briefly summarize the main conclusions of his presentation: He confirmed that IDF troops have entered the territory of the northern part of the Gaza Strip and expanded their ground operations through significant air and sea attacks. Hamas commanders were killed – including, according to Hagari, one who was “the main participant” in the October 7 massacre; Israeli soldiers “are still there, continuing the war,” he said. There were no casualties among IDF soldiers. ‘s humanitarian efforts in Gaza will also be expanded today, with increased supplies of food, water and medicine approved today, Hagari said.

Elsewhere in northern Israel, Hagari said forces had attacked Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in response to the shootings into Israel. So far, the army has informed families about “311 fallen IDF soldiers and 229 hostages,” Hagari said. Returning hostages home remains a “supreme national effort”; A state of panic, fear and chaos Our correspondent in Gaza, Rushdi Abualouf, finally managed to contact us and reported that all communication lines – including cell phone and internet services – had been cut off by the Israeli authorities. In our interview, Khan Younis from the southern Gaza Strip says there is a “state of panic, fear and chaos”; As Israeli airstrikes continue around the city, although it is actually the safe southern part of the besieged enclave.

Is this a ground offensive? We shouldn’t get too attached to the definition of . The bombings are concentrated very much in the north. The Gaza Strip is only about 45 kilometers long, so the magnitude of the explosion can be heard for several kilometers and certainly throughout the area. As far as I know, the Israeli army is still there this morning, most likely trying to clear the tunnels, probably with special forces looking for targets for these airstrikes.

Tanks may be more vulnerable to daylight attacks, so some may be removed.But as far as we know, it continues. Is this a land offensive? I don’t think we should get too caught up in defining all of this. When we saw the military buildup and the mobilization of over 300,000 reservists, we thought we would see an invasion of Gaza on all fronts. But I think what they can do is gradually clean up the Gaza Strip areas.From the tone of the Israeli military’s statements last night, I could deduce that they insisted on continuing to apply pressure and that this was “retaliation.”


I suppose you could call it a very large raid or a ground offensive. But it is certainly a large-scale military operation. It appears that the army is still in Gaza and is moving further south. This morning, Israeli forces appear to be concentrating on the northern part of the Gaza Strip, in Beit Hanoun, and from there they will advance further south. The Israeli army does not add anything to its statements from last night: it is accelerating the pace of its actions. In the video that was released in Gaza this morning and in what was seen in the border area last night, we saw evidence of very, very heavy bombing.

In the event of a communication breakdown, it is very difficult to know exactly what is happening – this morning, for example, I spoke to the United Nations, who managed to communicate via satellite phone with headquarters in the south. However, due to a lack of internal communication, they cannot communicate with the field offices carrying out their relief operations – currently completely suspended – to find out how they are doing. , images of the Israeli army are said to show their tanks in the Gaza Strip – we are working to verify this. , The Israeli military has released a video showing its ground forces in Gaza, a claim we have not yet verified. The images below show dozens of Israeli tanks and other vehicles.We are working to verify the video – and more importantly, where it was filmed and whether these vehicles crossed from Israel into Gaza, as happened in the airstrikes earlier this week. Earlier, an Israeli army spokesman said the forces were “still on the ground,” without giving further details. Last night Israel said its ground forces were “expanding their operations.”


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