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Justin Timberlake Cancels London Show and Says He Feels’ Terrible’ After Flu Takes’ Turn for the Worse’

The musician, whose new song” Drown” dropped Friday, preliminarily revealed he came down with the flu before this month. Justin Timberlake will have to bring sexy back to London at a after date, as he is still battling the flu.

The megastar was supposed to perform a one- night-only musicale at London’s Roundhouse venue on Friday, but he blazoned the show’s cancellation in a videotape participated to his Instagram Story on Thursday, letting suckers know his flu symptoms have worsened since its onset before this month. ” Hi everybody,” began Timberlake, 43, through a raspy voice in a selfie- style videotape.”

This is an unfortunate videotape to have to shoot out, but I ’m sure you can tell from the sound of effects that I’m not going to be suitable to make it to the show on Friday, which I ’m gutted about. ” He told suckers he would been” in London all week” ahead of the musicale but started to feel worse following a television appearance before this week.” As you may or may not know, I ’ve been battling some kind of bug,” explained the * NSYNC alum. ” I allowed
I was getting better, but it just took a turn for the worse. We nearly did n’t make it to( The Graham Norton Show), but was suitable to power through,” added Timberlake.” This morning I woke up just feeling worse than ever.

” The” Rock Your Body” pantomime is formerly set to return to London for a musicale at the O2 Arena in August as part of his forthcoming Forget Tomorrow World Tour, but he expressed desire to make up the Roundhouse show as well. ” All I can say is perhaps coming time when we come into city, I ’ll be suitable to make it up to you and we can rock the Roundhouse one further time,” said Timberlake.” But for now, I feel terrible. I hope none of you get this flu. Thanks, love you guys, and I ’ll see you coming time.” before this month, the pixies Band Together star revealed he would come down with the flu in an Instagram videotape of himself performing an aural rendition of his recent single” Selfish” through less- than-perfect oral conditions.


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